As an academy, this season we have not operated at the high levels we hold ourselves accountable to.

We believe that in order to deliver the best provision and to offer the players of Pembrokeshire the best opportunities to progress, we must strip back our current provision to allow us to further engage and integrate the club within the community.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly, but is one we truly believe to be in the best interests of the club and the community.

With support from the Football Association of Wales, from the 2024-25 season we will revert to Category C, looking to address our weaknesses both on and off the pitch with the intention of delivering a product that we are all proud of.

It is evident from the recent success within our Development team that Pembrokeshire is home to a host of talented young footballers, and, with this at the forefront of our planning, our long-term goal of achieving Category A remains the same.