Haverfordwest County AFC upgraded their floodlights to LED over the summer, and we are therefore selling our surplus Thorn Champion 23 LA 2000 W Metal Halide floodlights, which are less than a year old.

These lights were installed at our ground in September 2021 and were taken down on June 21st 2022 by Abacus lighting to replace them with new LED lights.

Collectively, these 32 fittings allowed us to achieve over 500 Lux-level lighting to meet FAW criteria and TV lighting requirements.

Thorn Champion specifications:

Champion HID — Australia (English) (thornlighting.com.au)

  • A high-performance discharge floodlight with best-in-class optic for control of obtrusive light
  • Compact asymmetric floodlight for 1 and 2 kW metal halide lamps, incorporating the flat glass concept and integrated visor for total control of glare and obtrusive light (0 cd at 90°), with additional accessories also available Maximum optical efficiency and accurate light distribution with the minimum light spill.
  • Three lamp positions, adjustable on site, from just one installed position Tool-free aiming in azimuth thanks to integrated aiming sights.

Materials and Finish

Body: die-cast aluminium EN AC-47100 (LM2 equivalent), unpainted

Glass: 4mm toughened

Wiring / ignitor box: polyamide (66 V0 Black: 20% glass fibre re-inforced).

Screws: stainless steel

Installation and Mounting

Rear access to lamp with automatic power disconnection on opening of rear access door. Tool-free installation and lamp replacement. Stirrup fixed by M20 bolt through Ø22mm hole, or through Ø15mm holes. Ballast and capacitors to be mounted separately. Cable gland for Ø7.5-13mm cable. Aiming via top (door and visor) or side (ignitor box) integrated aiming sights. Windage = 0.19 m² max


To specify state:

Die-cast aluminium asymmetric floodlight for 1/2kW lamps, IP66 rated, tool-free lamp access and replacement, adjustable lamp position with internally inclined front glass and integral front cowl.

  • 32 Thorn Champion 23 LA 2000 W Metal Halide fittings with lamps
  • 32 Thorn Champion 23 LA 2000 W Metal Halide fittings
  • 32 Control gears for each fitting complete with ballast, capacitor, igniter, and wiring loom.

We are open to any offers and welcome anyone who is interested and wishes to view the floodlight fittings or discuss any other details.

To arrange a site visit or discuss any further information, please contact Partnerships Manager, Wyndham Williams, on w.williams@hcafc1899.football or call 07377201118.