The Thorn Champion 23 LA 2000 W Metal Halide floodlights, which are less than a year old, were installed in September 2021 before being taken down by Abacus Lighting on June 21st.

Collectively, these 32 fittings allowed us to achieve over 500 Lux level lighting to meet Football Association of Wales criteria and TV lighting requirements.


32 Thorn Champion 23 LA 2000 W Metal Halide fittings with lamps

32 control gears for each fitting, complete with ballast, capacitor, igniter and wiring loom.

Packaging and transportation are included within the negotiated price.

We welcome anyone who is interested and wishes to view the floodlight fittings, or discuss any other details.

To arrange a site visit or discuss a price, please contact Wyndham Williams, Commercial Partnerships Manager, on or 07377 201 118.