This week saw the beginning of Part 1 of Project Bluebirds, with the installation of new LED floodlights at the Ogi Bridge Meadow Stadium.

The ambition of the football club is to become a more sustainable and envirometally friendly club for the future. Our first step towards achieveing this goal is to upgrade our current floodlights to LED at the ground in order to help reduce our carbon footprint and running costs.

In summary, the grant the funding from the Football Foundation and Football Association of Wales has allowed us to upgrade our floodlights to LED, which allows us to improve our carbon footprint, reduce costs, meet the FAW license criteria and TV requirements and future-proof our floodlighting requirements for the next ten years playing in the Cymru Leagues.

We would like to thank the following organisations for their help and expertise during the process:

Abacus Lighting – who carried out the LED installation
SMH Electrical – who provided the relevant certificates
FAW Trust and Football Foundation – who provided the grant funding to allow us to upgrade our floodlights