Haverfordwest County AFC is delighted to announce the launch of the Half Time For Carers.

To help us achieve this, a partnership has been created with VC Gallery to create an art activity pack and deliver sports art sessions through online Zoom sessions over six weeks as a pilot project.

Starting next Monday, May 24th at 12.30 pm we will be delivering Haverfordwest County AFC sports art sessions on Zoom every Monday.

Half-Time For Carers provides an opportunity for carers to have a break from the (pitch), or their caring role by creating a forum for carers to connect with other carers by taking part in health well-being activities with other each other to build social networks, reduce isolation, and loneliness.

One of the activities for Half Time for Carers is going to utilise the effect of art in a sporting context to improve well-being by decreasing negative emotions and reducing the chances of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Art is everywhere in sport – club logos, typography, mascots, trophies, medals, photographs, kit, players, club history & heritage, stadiums, clubhouses, fans, landscapes, and club facilities, the list is endless.

We want carers to see art not just as paint on a canvas but it’s a way of expressing creativity, increasing well-being, and doing something new.

For any carers who are interested and would like to find out more about this project, please register here