Haverfordwest County are pleased to announce a new partnership with Tootoot to support our academy players, ensure they are listened to and that we safeguard our members.

We feel that all clubs have a responsibility to safeguard and listen to their members. At Haverfordwest County AFC our partnership with Tootoot aligns with our “person over player” approach, ensuring that every player has a positive experience of their time at Haverfordwest.

There are many worries for young footballers in academy football such as injuries, bullying, pressure, abuse, racism, sexism, verbal abuse, losing and not being good enough, to name a few. When young people experience these worries it is important that the Club has a system in place that enables those affected to speak out and not be scared or be afraid of the consequences.

The Tootoot platform will allow players to report any concerns or issues directly to their club, it will enable our clubs welfare officers to safeguard and listen to their members. All reports are paperless and can be anonymous ensuring no player’s concerns are missed. Frequent evidence and impact reports will allow our club to make evidence based decisions about moving forward and improving the clubs ability to keep everyone safe and for all players to have a positive experience of being a Haverfordwest County AFC player.